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Ambassador: Radovan Stojanović

Address: Abu Rummaneh, Al-Jalla str. 18, P.O. Box 739, Damascus, Syria.

Phone: 00963 11 333 6 222

            00963 11 3333069

            00963 11 3336581

Fax:     00963 11 3333690

Email: srb.emb.syria@mfa.rs

Website: www.damascus.mfa.gov.rs


Consular Services

The Consular Section at Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the Syrian Arab Republic is still temporary located in Beirut, Lebanon. therefore, in order to apply for visa, authenticate papers, or to issue any document, kindly contact the Consular Section at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Lebanon on this number: 009619221256.

القسم القنصلي في سفارة جمهورية صربيا في الجمهورية العربية السورية لا يزال موجودًا وبشكل مؤقت في بيروت – لبنان. لذلك من أجل التقديم على فيزة أو التصديق أوراق أو إصدار أي مستند يرجى التواصل مع القسم القنصلي المتواجد في سفارة جمهورية صربيا في لبنان على الرقم التالي: 009619221256



Within the project “Serbian as heritage language summer camp”, the Academic Serbian Association invites all the people from diaspora aged 18 to 22 to apply for the summer camp of Serbian as heritage language, which will be organized from 11th of July till the 17th of July 2022 (six days), in Nis.

The applications are open till the 28th of May 2022. Under the auspices of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia continues to promote Serbian language, history, culture and traditions in the diaspora and the region.

The goal of the project is to study, preserve and nurture Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet, as well as connect young people from all over the world, through lessons of Serbian as heritage language.

The summer camp of Serbian as heritage language is a unique opportunity for participants to learn and improve their Serbian language skills in the only school of Serbian as heritage language accredited by the Agency for qualifications and the Ministry of Education, science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia.

By the end of the camp, the participants will receive a certificate of participation, issued by the Academic Serbian Association. In addition to learning and improving Serbian as heritage language, participants will be able to socialize with peers from all over the world and Serbia, as well as learn about Serbian history, culture and tradition through various workshops (historical, folklore, sports, old crafts, etc.), and will also get to sightsee Nis and its region.

Number of applications is limited. The first 10 registered participants will have free accommodation and food (3 meals a day), while the program content will be funded through donations from the participants themselves.

For more information, you can contact the Academic Serbian Association at the e-mail address asasocijacija@gmail.com, or via Viber at +381 64 2331666.

We encourage you to fill in the application directly on the website https://asasocijacija.com/en/application-for-the-serbian-as-heritage-language-summer-camp/ or download the application form (below the main text) and send it to e-mail: asasocijacija@gmail.com, titled "Application - summer camp".

Current COVID-19 rules and regulation to enter the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan starting from March 1st,2022

Current COVID-19 rules and regulation to enter the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan starting from March 1st,2022:

1- Visitors to Jordan are required to fill the declaration form below and obtain the free QR code that shall be presented upon boarding. The official website for the travel application form is: https://www.gateway2jordan.gov.jo/form/

2- It is no longer required to bring a negative PCR test from the country of departure if the traveler obtains a certificate of two vaccines of Covid-19 and after 15 days of taking the second vaccine shot.

Vaccines approved to enter Jordan are: Astrazeneca, Sinopharm, Sputnik, and Pfizer.

3- If case the traveler doesn’t have a certificate of Covid-19 vaccine, they will be required to make a PCR test upon arrival to the Jordanian border and pay /20/ Jordanian dinar in cash.

4- Children under 5 years old are not required to apply on the platform.

Registration for expat voters until 12 March
In view of the upcoming elections in the Republic of Serbia, scheduled to take place on 3 April 2022, we quote the notification issued by the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government:
“Voters residing abroad are hereby advised to contact the appropriate diplomatic or consular mission of the Republic of Serbia, not later than five days before the day of the finalisation of the Single Electoral Register (on 12 March 2022 at midnight), in order to present a request that their intention to vote abroad in the upcoming elections be noted in the single list of voters.
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